Adobe illustrator Uses in Creative

Adobe Illustrator is Designers’ first choice when it’s about Designing vector Base Graphics. It’s an Advanced Drawing Program used to Create logos, infographics, and icons as well as complex illustrations. In 2018, Adobe Illustrator was awarded the best vector graphics editing program by PC Magazine. Some of the salient features of Illustrator include collaborative editing, enhanced glyph snapping, cloud storage among others. Some Adobe Illustrator runs on Windows, iPad, and MAC.

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Top 10 Uses of Adobe Photoshop

Do you have Illustrator installed on your computer but have no idea what types of graphics you should be using it for?

Or maybe you’ve been interested in learning Illustrator, but aren’t fully sure of what all it can do yet. 

Today I’m Going to Share some Basic Uses of illustrator for you, I’ve used Illustrator over the last several years. Between my own graphics and client projects, I have tons I can share! 

1. Logos Making

Illustrator is actually The Design Program you should be using to design logos. Not only does this program allow you to create completely custom logo designs that you know will be one-of-a-kind to your brand, but Illustrator also will create your logo as a vector graphic. A vector graphic allows you to resize the image as large or a small as you could ever want, without it ever losing resolution or picture quality. It’s essentially graphic design magic, and thus, the only program you should be using to create your logo designs.

2. Business Cards Designing

Because Illustrator is great for print graphics, creating business cards in this program is a breeze! Plus you can make them any size or shape that you could ever want them.

Mine? They’re square and I LOVE them. (And were made in Illustrator, of course!)

3. Social Media Banner Designing

I recommend keeping all of your social media platforms super branded and professional looking. You can use Illustrator to create social media banner that look cohesive and consistent across all of your social media accounts. 

Not only is Illustrator great for print graphics, but it’s also great for creating web graphics! Therefore, I create all of my social media graphics in Illustrator. Illustrator also makes it super easy to create your graphics in multiple different sizes, so it’s easy to create various versions of the same graphic to use on each social media platform.

4. Posters or Brochures

If you’re a local business, posters and flyers are definitely something you should consider for any upcoming events, promotions or announcements that your community should know about. Design them in Illustrator, get them printed at a local print shop, and hang them all around town! 

5. Infographics Design

Did you know that my infographics get repined on Pinterest More than Thousand times my regular blog posts? That’s because people love a good infographic. Also because visual information can be consumed way faster than written content, which is why they do so well on social media. Infographics are also the sole reason I make affiliate income each month. So if you’re not creating infographics for your business, you should be! Your audience will eat them up!

6. Website Buttons Design

Another great way to add some personality to your website is by creating custom buttons. All you need to do is create an image in Illustrator, upload the graphic to your website and then give it a click-through URL. That way when it’s clicked, it will take the user to another place on your website.

7. Invitations Cards Designing

Have an event coming up? Create your invites in Illustrator! Illustrator gives you tons of freedom to choose whatever size, shape, and layout works best for your invites. So making them super customized is no problem!

8. Email Signatures Designing

I love having a branded email signature loaded into my Gmail account. Now every time I send an email to a client or a blog reader, they can click my signature and go right to my website or social media accounts

9. Digital Illustrations

Guys this might be my favorite thing to do in all of Illustrator. I Love Drawing on the Computer. The best part about it? You don’t even need to be good at drawing in real life to draw on the computer. I swear. Drawings are also a great way to add character to your graphics and branding, while also standing out from the competition.

10. Custom Envelopes Designing

If you’re sending snail mail to clients, you may want to invest in some custom-printed envelopes! They can add a lot to your brand with little effort and investment. 

Illustrator is used by artists and graphic designers who create logos, icons, charts, infographics, posters, ads, books, magazines, and brochures. Even comic book illustrators use it. It’s the industry-standard software application for anyone, anywhere, who wants to work with vector graphics. If you look at the Adobe logo, for instance, it needs to look as nice and sharp on a business card as it does on a three-story billboard. To create graphics that can scale in size and still look sharp, without any pixilation, you need to use vector graphics, which use mathematical equations to preserve the shapes of images at any size or scale. Unless you use vector graphics, images are not going to scale well or the files are going to be too big in size. Learn More

Where is Illustrator used the most?

Actually, just about every industry uses Illustrator, from two-dimensional CAD designs in engineering fields to the greeting cards made by Hallmark. People designing watches use Illustrator, and people designing shoes use it too. It’s the standard tool for apparel design, including T-shirts, and almost all packaging design work is done in Illustrator—such as, say, the label for a wine bottle, or the packaging of your favorite orange juice. Look at the icons for apps on your mobile phone or tablet: they’re almost all done in Illustrator. Surface designers create patterns in Illustrator, which can then be put on carpets, tiles, or textiles. I have to mention the Japanese, too. They were early adopters and really love Illustrator, creating calligraphy and other beautiful print work with it.

Why do designers choose to use Illustrator over other Adobe design programs like Photoshop?

Using vector graphics gives you much more flexibility than using raster images in your design process, since it’s easy to go back and change any individual curve or line or color without having to start from scratch. So if that appeals to you as a designer, Illustrator’s the tool for you. More often than not, though, Illustrator and Photoshop are used together because each product is best at what it does, and they complement each other well. Illustrator is the best vector-editing software, and Photoshop the best image-editing software, on the market.

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