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File Menu (Adobe illustrator)

File Menu

File Menu

1- New: (Ctrl + N)

This Option select for New Blank Window/New Blank Document in illustrator. When press the New Option, a new window/document will open. where will be only one Artboard*.

2- New From Template: (Shift + Ctrl + N)

This Option Select for New Document for Template. Template already designed in illustrator.When we click on This option, a pop-up will be open for Select Template.

Note: if we have already saved any Template or any design as a Template then we can open it. otherwise we need to Download Template From internet.

3- Open: (Ctrl + O)

This Option Select for re-open any Saved File. or any Downloaded file (illustrator) from internet.above this option illustrator have Open Recent File. This Option we use when we need to open Recently saved file. if we did not have any recently work then this option will be blank.

4- Browse in Bridge: (Alt + Ctrl + O)

This  Option Select for get any picture form Bridge Software. Bridge Software is also a Adobe Software. I will share about Bridge in other Article.

5- Common Software Options:

  • Close: (Ctrl + W) Use for Close Window/Document
  • Save: (Ctrl + S) Use for Save Document
  • Save As: (Shift + Ctrl + S) Use for Save Document in New Folder address 
  • Save a Copy: (Alt + Ctrl + S) Use for Same name with Different Data or miner Changing in Data
  • Save as Template: Use for Save as Sample/Template
  • Save For Web: (Alt + Shift + Ctrl + S)  Use for Save image for Website because on website we use mostly PNG file.
  • Export: Use for save image in Special Format. (illustrator have lot of Format, i will Discuss in other Article)
  • Save For Microsoft Office: Same Like as Save for Web, We Use for Special MS Office Format Image.

6- Document Setup: (Alt + Ctrl + P)

Through this option we can Set our artboard* Setting According to Required Size. When we need Special image in Size then we use this option for page Size.Under the above we have Document Color Mode. here we can Select Color Scheme Mode we have 2 color Scheme Mode (CMYK and RGB).

7- Print: (Ctrl +P)

Through this option We can Directly Print any image or any Design.
8- Exit: (Ctrl + Q)Last Option of File Menu is Exit. Through This Option We Can Close the Adobe illustrator. or we can Directly click on (X) bouton in the Right Top Corner of illustrator.

* Artboard is a Look Like White Board where we can Design any type of Art. in illustrator we can make 100 Artboard in in Document. it’s means we can save at a time 100 images..
Note: I have Skipped Some Option Because its not important now. I will discuss in Further Articles

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