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You’re in one of Adobe Illustrator tutorials for beginners; here is further post about Adobe Illustrator CC 2015. If you’re regular visitor of the site, you may be read the past posts about learn Adobe Illustrator online learning. I hope you learnt lot of interesting and useful knowledge from them. Certainly, I shared useful basic knowledge related to relevant topics in these posts. So, I recommended you to be attentive and read this one of Adobe Illustrator lessons until you get complete understanding about the topic. Anyway, our today’s topic is about Object Menu of Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 where you’ll learn about all major options and features placed in same Object Menu of Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 with brief detail.

So, let’s start the main topic “Object Menu of Adobe Illustrator CC 2015”.


Transform menu has more than one sub options which are used to different purposes like as its first option is Transform Again that is used to repeat any last transform action. In Move option you move an object into required directions. By Rotate option there is permission to rotate an object into any direction. By the same way, you can Reflect, Scale and Shear the object into various directions through these options.


Sometimes, when you’re working in Adobe Illustrator CC 2015, your required object goes back or front from other object. To settle like this situation, in Object Menu of Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 there is an option with the name Arrange. You can change the placement of an object from this option as you want. It has more than one options which have different result in usages. So, let’s learn about their usage one by one.

If you click on Arrange menu, its sub menu appears which are narrated as.

Bring to Front: To bring the object front of backward object

Bring to Forward: To bring object forward of front object

Sent to Backward: To send object back from front object

Sent to Back: To send object back from all objects


If you’ve more than one object in the project and there is need to group them, you can use Group option in Object Menu of Adobe Illustrator CC 2015. Select the entire objects you want to group them and go to Object Menu of Adobe Illustrator CC 2015, click on Group option here.


Ungroup option is to break more than one object which are in grouping form. By this option, all grouped objects became ungrouped separately and you can apply formatting on them separately.


Lock option is used to lock any object whenever you’re working and get disturbance by moving objects.

You can’t apply any formatting on locked object until turn it unlocks.

Unlock All

You can use Unlock All option for all locked object. By this option, you unlock all objects and then can apply all formatting on them freely.


Hide option is used to hide any object. You can’t see hid object after hiding it. So, it is required to show it before.

Show All

The option is used to show all hidden objects. You can use this option to show all hidden objects in the Artboard.


The Expand option is used to connect shapes which are united. And also be used to turn gradient fill into the blended strokes etc.


The option is used to turn the object into bitmapped image. For Raster/Bitmap image there are separated filters which could be used on these objects.

Flatten Transparency

From Flatten Transparency, you select object in which you used transparent fill, this will remove the transparency and object will be solid. For noting apply, you can use the box “Preserve Alpha Transparency”, in this way there will not changing.


This option is for web industry that refers to the image that divided it into small bits for the use of Web Graphics.


It is very wonderful option contain some sub options as,

Join: That is used to join more than two points each other

Average: During making drawing, the Average option is used to get perfect alignment of points.

Outline Stroke: It is used to move object’s stroke into dimensions for its path elements.

Offset Path: When you click on this option, its tool box opens that inquires what distance to the offset path and for the corner and miter limit which kind of joins are?

Simplify: The option Simplify, is used to delete and smooth the extra points from the object.

Add Anchor Points: To add other Anchor Point

Remove Anchor Points: To remove or delete any Anchor Point

Divide Objects Below: Divide Objects Below works as cutter, by this option you discard the object into pieces.

Split into Grid: To split an object into equal sized portions, it is best to use

Clean Up: Each time when you save your document, it save extra path/points, objects which may increase file size, so you can delete them by clean up option.


Pattern is very useful option to make a pattern of any object. Every your liked object could save as a pattern. Here are the more options to make excellent pattern of your necessary object.

Make: To make a pattern at first, this option is used

Edit Pattern: To edit a made pattern, you can use this option


The option is used to make intermediary steps till one object to other one.

Envelope Distort

By using Envelope Distort, you can distort objects through more than one method.

Image Trace

To trace an object Image Trace feature is wonderful in usage. You trace the object into small pieces which are in different color. So you also can apply many formatting on it now.

Text Wrap

Text Wrap is used to wrap the text. The text must under the object which is required to wrap.

Clipping Mask

You can consider, a mask can be some shape or size and it must be at the top of something which you want to mask. So, you can select the object you need to mask and then masking object before selecting Make Mask.


It is must require a data to input to creating a Graph. First of all select required style and then add numbers.

In this Adobe Illustrator class, you learnt about Object Menu of Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 some vital options briefly. I hope the method of discussion was so simple to understanding. Moreover, if you’ve any question, you’re welcome.

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