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Type Menu

Today, we’ll extend our point of view till Type Menu of Abode Illustrator CC 2015. In this menu, bundles of options and commands are placed about Font Family, Font Size, Type on the Path, Find Font, Font Cases and Hidden Characters etc. Definitely, these are well known and most useful options placed in “Type Menu of Adobe Illustrator CC 2015”. Thus, we’ll consider imperative to talk about them.

So, let’s commencement of the main point of learn about Type Menu of Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.


When see to the Type Menu of Adobe Illustrator CC 2015, you find at top here the Font option that carried a big collection of font family. You can choose your required one from here. The most using Font Family of this menu are Arial, Calibri, Georgia, Impact, Verdana and Times new Roman etc. Every font has different faces Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic you can use them according to your own requirement.

Recent Font

What is your active recent font, you can see from Recent Font option.


The Size option has sizes about a font you can apply any small or large size value on this font from here. The menu holding 6pt to 72pt font size moreover, you can get your required one by using “Other” option placed on top on this menu.


Glyph is a massive collection of some special characters which are used in a paragraph directly whatever you need. Every character has own name value.

Area Type Options

The Area Type Options takes the text block and changes it into more than one column and permits you to conclude gutter width and to enlarge text block width. It works on the block of type which is created by dragging and clicking the Text Tool to creating the bounding box.

Type on a Path

By this option, you can type a text on a path. First you draw a path and then select Type on a Path option to type text on.

Threaded Text

This option is very useful in Type Menu of Adobe Illustrator CC 2015. Sometimes, you type text for a shape and your text extended and then you can fill other shape from this text by Threaded Text option.

Fit Headline

During working with text you want to fit headline to the text box width. Fit Headline is wonderful option to do this work.

Change Case

During working on the text content you can change your text cases into Upper, Lower, Title and Sentence Cases from Change Case option.

Find Font

It is crazy one that is used for text finding and to change it into other one you desired. At first, you select the font you need to change then choose the font that need to change it to.

Smart Punctuation

It has more than one about curly quotes which are used as a Smart Punctuation. So, you can check them separately.

Show Hidden Characters

During working in Adobe Illustrator you use random keys as Tab key, Return, and Space bar which insert some hidden characters. Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 hides these characters and you can show them by using Show Hidden Characters option.

Type Orientation

It nice to handling text, you can change text writing direction from Horizontal and Vertically.

Legacy Text

It may it just annoying for someone. It may someone prepared a text in previous version when he opens this file into latest one, it will open a dialogue box that ask whether he wants to update it or not. He can’t make changing in this text until update it.

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